The high-performance SYOSS GLOSSING formula with Shine-Seal-Technology strengthens the hair fiber and transforms dull hair to long-lasting shininess and fascinating brilliance.

  • _10 - 125x270 Packs Glossing Care SHP


    • Seals in brilliant shine long-lastingly
    • Gently cleanses dull hair without weighing down
    • Radiant, fascinating gloss-reflexes
  • _10 - 125x270 Packs Glossing Care CON


    • Smoothens the hair fiber for improved combability
    • Long-lasting luminous shine & multi-facetted shine-reflexes
    • For moistured hair full of bounce and suppleness
  • _10 - 125x270 Packs Glossing Care Tube

    Instant 10-Day Shine Sealing Treatment:

    • Deep nourishment without weighing-down
    • Immediately boosts shine for radiant, fascinating gloss-reflexes
    • Seals in brilliant shine long-lastingly