The NEW SYOSS SUPER SHOTS - Ceramide Complex Super Shot and Keratin Super Shot.

The 1st instant mono-dose treatment crafted with higher concentrated Ceramide-Keratin-Complex for up to 20x stronger hair even for ultra weak, brittle hair and with higher concentrated Keratin for damaged, devitalized hair.

  • _10 - 125x270 pack CERAMIDE SUPER SHOTS TRAY_160915

    Ceramide Complex Super Shot:

    • Higher concentrated Ceramide* Complex
    • Structure-adaptive Ceramide-Keratin-Complex identifies structural weak spots and re-strengthens them for up to 20x stronger hair
    • Restores hair fibers in 3 dimensions: in the cells, in all layers, down to the tips

    *than Syoss baseline

  • _10 - 125x270 pack KERATIN SUPER SHOTS TRAY_160915

    Keratin Super Shot:

    • Higher concentrated* Keratin penetrates deeper into the hair for instant correction of 2 years damages
    • Total micro-refill of hair fibers and fundamental repair on ultra damaged, devitalized hair
    • For salon-like hair perfection with 100% repair, suppleness & shine

    *than Syoss baseline