Dry Shampoo

Volume Lift

Syoss Volume Lift Dry Shampoo for fine, powerless hair offers 1 extra day freshness without washing the hair. It also gives the hair visible volume without weighing down. The formula leaves no residues after brushing out.

  • Syoss Volume Lift Dry Shampoo offers 1 extra day freshness without washing the hair
  • For visible volume without weighing down
  • For fine, powerless hair
  • Style extender
  • Leaves no visible residues after brushing out

How to Apply

1. Put a towel on your shoulders and brush out hair very well.
2. Shake the can firmly / very well before every usage and in-between sprays!
3. Spray your hair in short bursts from a distance of 20cm layer after layer.
4. Let it work a little. Then massage the hair with a towel and brush well. Blow the possible powder rests away with a blow-dryer.
5. Close the cap after usage and store the can in a dry place.
6. In case of blockage, hold the sprayhead tube under warm water and dry carefully afterwards.


Butane · Propane · Alcohol denat. · Oryza Sativa Starch · Isobutane · Pentane · Silica Dimethyl Silylate · Parfum · Niacinamide · Linalool · Cetrimonium Chloride · Limonene · Benzyl Alcohol · Citronellol · Geraniol

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